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Dog First Aid Kit

How to build a first aid kit for your dog

As a pet owner, your role isn’t only to entertain your dog, but to keep them safe, too!

If you want to be better prepared to handle unexpected injuries, but aren’t sure what’s actually necessary to include inside your doggy first aid kit, we’re sharing all the information you need.

How to include your dog in your wedding

How to include your dog in your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life – so it makes sense that everyone you love should be invited…

Including your furry friend! After all, they’ve probably seen you at your best and worst moments.

So why would they miss the party!

toxic food for dogs

10 holiday foods that are toxic for dogs

We all know how tempting it is to share your favorite holiday foods with your furry best friend…

They’re a part of the family – so why shouldn’t they take part in the festivities as well?!

However, not all foods are necessarily healthy for your dog and may even be toxic.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 holiday foods to avoid giving your dog so that you can prevent any unfortunate incidents this holiday season:

dog fear of vet

How to make the vet visits less scary for your pup

The strong smell of clinics as soon as you walk-in. The sound and odor of animals, including other stressed dogs. The sensation of being confined in a small room with so many unknown individuals plus the high chance of experiencing physical discomfort during the examination are all elements that could be somewhat traumatic for your puppy.

dog under the weather

Signs your dog is feeling under the weather

Just like us, our dogs can also have sick days!

And because all dogs have their own unique personality, this can make it challenging for an owner to recognize when their furry friend isn’t feeling well or like their usual self.

But remember: What dogs cannot say to you in words, they will show you through a change in behavior. Their body language says a lot about how they feel.

leash training a dog

How to leash train your puppy

Are the long, relaxing strolls in the park with your pup, actually turning out to be more like short, stressful and, frankly, wrist wrenching walks? 

If your pup is always pulling away, barking — it only means they have yet to master the skill of walking on a leash.