Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

We limit the number of dogs per staff member to ensure all of our dogs engage in safe, supervised play time. 

We have web cams available at all times. Simply choose what web cam you want to view and check on your furry bestie as often as you want!

We require that all dogs new to Companion Pet Lodge® visit us for a Meet & Greet prior to Doggy Daycare or Dog Boarding. This is to ensure that we keep a fun and safe environment for all of our furry companions. Call to schedule your Meet & Greet prior to your dog’s scheduled Doggy Daycare or Boarding visit. Companion Pet Lodge, LLC reserves the right to deny services to any dog we deem unhealthy or unsafe to our staff or other guests.

Playtime is always supervised to ensure there is no rough play and that all dogs are having fun. All facilities are climate controlled to ensure comfort. For boarding, we offer private rooms and raised dog beds which our older companions appreciate!

Yes, all dogs must be spayed or neutered.

All dogs must have Bordetella, Distemper, and Rabies vaccines.

No, dogs view their world through smell, sight, and sounds differently than we do. Because what they encounter at daycare is different from what they experience at home, you don’t have to be concerned about the effect of their house training.

No, due to the Charter Township of Waterford Code of Ordinances prohibiting Pit Bull Terriers in the city, we are unable to accept any dogs classified as Pit Bull Terriers.

Yes, our facilities are equipped with a high-end HVAC system that pulls in fresh air from outside so it is always a comfortable temperature and it never smells like dogs and always smells fresh.

An amount equal to one night stay per pet will be charged if less than 7 days notice is given; 50% of total reservation amount will be charged if less than 48 hours notice is given.


We recommend that you provide food for your dog, so they continue to eat the same meal, but we do offer to feed them our food at the cost of $1 per meal.

Beds and blanket are available in all kennels, and you may bring a blanket or toys from home that will always be kept in their personal kennel and return to you.