Open Position:

Guest Services

General Summary of Job

The Guest Services Counselor is responsible for customer service, taking new client inquiry calls, reservations, making confirmation calls, processing enrollments and administrative duties in support of these functions. Additionally, they are responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the reception/retail area.  

Primary Duties

Customer Service

  • Greeting everyone who enters and offering assistance.
  • Answer Telephone calls and respond accordingly.
  • Coordinate with staff when opening or closing to ensure proper pet care and client communication for early pet drop-offs & late pick-ups.

Reservations & Invoice Processing

  • Enter “complete” client reservations in point of sale system as outlined in Bookings procedures; including extra charges as per pet policies (e.g., pick up fees, half day board fees, etc).
  • Receive payments and process invoices as described in the Invoice Processing procedures.  Timely collect all invoices posted to pending bills.
  • Keep familiar with management approved payment exceptions and client prepayments/credits and keep accurate records for all.
  • Balance cash bag daily.

Pet Check-in Processing

  • At check-in confirm current client contact information & care instructions for pet for all services to be provided.  It is critical to accuracy in billing and pet care that all pets and services are entered 100% correct in point of sale system.  Check pets in as they arrive.
  • Spa Services – confirm pick-up time & phone call if we are to call when ready.  For new clients or change in instructions from last visit ask the client to complete Spa  Instruction form.
  • Daycare – confirm pick-up time and add lunch if applicable.
  • Lodging – complete inventory of luggage, feeding and medication instructions as per procedure.

Processing Enrollment Paperwork & Expired Vaccinations

  • Processing enrollment paperwork accurately & timely is a high priority and procedures followed for daycare & loft boarding as applicable.
  • Monitoring, following-up and documenting pet vaccinations in accordance to procedures is a high priority of the position.


  • Print copies of daily reports for reception area for all service areas.  
  • File paperwork in client files as outlined.
  • Print and maintain copies of client forms and packages as needed.
  • Maintain member listings, warnings and folders.
  • Print administrative forms as needed for guest services.
  • Maintenance client mailing lists as needed.
  • Restock flyers, business cards, magnets as needed.
  • Restock samples, treats & lollipops as needed.
  • Make client reminder calls as per procedures.

Minimum Experience, Skills, Certification or Academic Background Required

  • High school graduate preferred
  • Excellent oral & good written communication skills
  • Good math skills 
  • Previous work experience demonstrating dependability
  • Self-motivated, independent worker with attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Good decision and problem-solving skills
  • Good organization and planning skills
  • Demonstrated flexibility and proven coping skills

As this is a new business the job description is subject to changes as business grows, but written notice will be given, and changes agreed upon. 


If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Companion Pet Lodge team, fill out the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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