Open Position:

Pet Care Associate (PCA)

General Summary of Job

The Pet Care Associate is responsible for the supervision, control and management of dogs and ensuring the safety of the playgroup. Additionally, the PCA is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the playrooms as well as other areas of the facility as assigned.  

Primary Duties

  • Interact with dogs in playgroups using appropriate toys and tools to ensure safe levels of play and minimizing stress levels of all dogs in playgroup.
  • Maintain visual observation of dogs at all times and spread attention and play among all dogs in playgroup.
  • Control level of play to insure safety of all dogs.
  • Clean up after animals in play area and kennels as needed.
  • Use proper dog handling techniques including use of kennel leads to transfer dogs to and from play area to kennels.
  • Ensure you know all dogs in playgroup and can properly identify them.  
  • Watch all new dogs carefully and immediately consult with General Manager if you have concerns. For all dogs in playgroup; report any unusual behavior, or injuries to the General Manager.
  • Review special needs list and manage dogs as instructed. Complete the maintenance report for all dogs in playgroup.
  • Ensure staff that relieve you for break or shift change know all dogs in group, the special needs dog status and any unusual behaviors or concerns you have been managing during your shift.  
  • Assist with putting dogs in enclosures for meals in accordance to procedure.  
  • Review information on whiteboard in hall and in playroom before start of shift and comply with instructions. Review dog profile of any dog you do not know prior to starting shift.
  • Complete dog incident reports timely when required. If you are not sure whether a report is required check with General Manager.
  • Complete maintenance or repair reports as needed. Immediately report any out of stock items to Front desk.
  • Other duties as assigned

As this is a new business the job description is subject to changes as business grows, but written notice will be given, and changes agreed upon. 



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