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Spa Services

General Summary of Job

Spa Services primary duties are to properly bathe, trim nails, clean teeth and ears by using humane practices and minimizing pet stress. Additionally, the Spa Servicer is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the groom shop. Pet Care Counselors may be cross-trained in bather/brusher procedures for the groom shop.  

Primary Duties

  1. Perform bath functions as requested by client and described on the groom card.
    1. Nail trim 
    2. Tooth brushing
    3. Ear cleaning 
    4. Brush-out
    5. Bath
  2. Bathe dogs as described in procedures.
  3. Keep bathing stations stocked with supplies, tools cleaned and ready for use.
  4. Keep groom shop clean.
    1. During the work day keep the room safe by wiping up water spills and pet accidents as soon as possible.
    2. At the end of each workday area should be swept/mopped from floor and cleaned from tubs/shower.
  5. Update pet status on white board and point of sale system.  Advise Guest Services  when dogs that are to be “called when ready” are finished.
  6. Follow safety procedures for pets and staff at all times.  Ask for assistance when a pet is stressed, very difficult to manage or showing any signs of injury.

As this is a new business the job description is subject to changes as business grows, but written notice will be given, and changes agreed upon. 


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