Dog getting dog spa services

How to choose the right dog spa services

You know the feeling of being in desperate need of a nice, relaxing day at the spa? The need for some quiet ‘me’ time, rest and rejuvenation, and a little bit of self-care doesn’t just feel good – it’s actually beneficial for our mental and physical health. And the same is true for our dogs, too.

Doggy spas aren’t just an adorably sweet thing we do for our precious companions, certain dog spa services are truly essential for the wellbeing of our pets.

Here are 4 dog spa services to choose for your dog:

Ear cleaning

Ear cleaning is important to regularly remove excess wax and other debris that end up in your pet’s ear. This helps maintain the health of your dog’s ears and prevent any unnecessary infections.

Nail trimming

Nail trimming is a common challenge for pet owners with their dogs – but it is an absolute essential to the health of their nails and paws. This can also prevent any accidental scratching or clawing of furniture (or your friends!).


Bathing your pup is also one of those things that sounds a lot easier than it actually is. But making sure that your dog’s fur is cleaned and brushed regularly is important for maintaining the health of both his skin and precious locks.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning is important to prevent excess plaque buildup on the teeth and remove any bad odor from developing. It also is essential to preventing various kinds of dental disease. 

At Companion Pet Lodge, we pride ourselves on giving your dog the special care he needs to grow and thrive – while also making sure it’s as enjoyable as possible for him too… (minimal blow dry time, we promise).

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