Dog NYE celebration

How to keep your dog calm on New Year’s Eve

The holiday season can be a challenging time for families with dogs!

New Year’s Eve particularly takes the cake — with loud music from neighborhood homes, honking cars in the streets, and the midnight fireworks — all of which can cause a real source of stress for most of our furry companions.

And how can we blame them?

After all, our pups are much more sensitive to hearing than we are!

If you know that your dog is particularly sensitive to loud noises and gets extremely anxious during holidays, we have your back. 

Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help your dog keep calm (and allow you to enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations): 

#1. Don’t alert your dog:

Make sure to maintain your normal routine throughout the day and try not to cause undue anxiety or stress for your dog.

Avoid displaying too much excitement or anxiety to your pup because they can sense your emotions and will start to feel the same!

#2. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise:

Don’t forget to walk your dog so they get their energy out before the night begins. This will help by making them more tired, relaxed and at ease despite the unfamiliar noise and faces.

A tired dog will be less likely to panic due to noise and stimuli — so prepare in advance for an extra long walk!

#3. Prepare your house for the night:

If you aren’t hosting this year, make sure that your home is calm and relaxing for the evening. Closing the windows and, if necessary, even the shutters will help your dog remain at ease throughout the celebrations. You can even try turning on some classical music to help your furry friend relax and cover the background noise from outside.

Pro-tip: Be ready to have special treats on hand during the evening to reward or reassure your dog that everything is okay.

#4. Keep your dog busy all night long:

If you’re planning to spend the evening with your pup, try keeping them entertained with toys and activities. You can even give them a new toy or bone to ensure they remain occupied all night long!

Try your best to keep them distracted from any potential cause of stress and don’t forget to reward them as the night progresses.

#5. During the fireworks: 

Avoid taking your dog to see the fireworks (as fun as it might sound)… the sudden lights and loud noises are stressful and are perceived by them as a danger.

At home, allow your dog to hide. You can even help him by putting his crate in a quiet and dark place so that he will feel reassured and safe.

#6. Protect your dog from guests:

When you have a party and your dog is present, it’s important to pay attention to the interactions that take place between them and your guests.

Keep the food and the alcohol out of their reach, and make sure that your pup does not become a source of unhealthy amusement for your guests. Similarly, children should not be left alone with the dog. 

#7. Don’t bring your dog to a party: 

If you’re invited to a party, it might be in your (and your dog’s) best interest to either leave them at home in a safe and familiar environment or book them a night in a dog boarding facility — where you know professionals will take good care of them and keep them away from the stress of the night.

Decide ahead of time and give your pup a happy, joyful holiday season too!

If you’re figuring out your plans for this holiday season and don’t know what to do with your furry companion, check out our boarding services here or give us a call here to check if we have availability! We can’t wait to see you and your pup.