How to include your dog in your wedding

How to include your dog in your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life – so it makes sense that everyone you love should be invited…

Including your furry friend! After all, they’ve probably seen you at your best and worst moments. 

So why would they miss the party!

If you’re just getting ready to propose or are already preparing for the big day & know you want to include your dog in the festivities – here’s everything you need to know to make sure the experience will be as memorable for them as it is for you:

1. Make sure the venue accepts dogs.

Sometimes dogs aren’t allowed in certain facilities, so make sure that the room you’re reserving for your special day is okay with it if you’re certain you want your dog to be a part of the party!

2. Assess your pup’s personality.

It’s not the same to bring a well-behaved, calm dog to your wedding as it is to bring a nervous dog. You might want to assess whether or not your dog is able to stay by your side without creating unwanted chaos (on an already stressful day).

3. Inform your guests & wedding planner.

We advise you to inform your guests ahead of time, as some people may be allergic or even have cynophobia and you’ll want to avoid any extra surprises on your wedding day. It’s also especially important for you to notify your wedding planner! This will allow him to make the best decisions regarding the wedding arrangements. It will also enable them to give you the best suggestions on how to make your dog’s day special.

4. Nominate your furry friend as a guest of honor.

Your dog deserves to hold a special place during your wedding! 

There are many ideas for involving your pet on this important day. If you want your dog to be a key part of your wedding – he can bring the rings around his neck or they can also be in charge of holding the bouquet. (Note: Many flowers are extremely toxic for dogs so make sure to be careful when picking your wedding flowers).

5. Pick the wedding outfit that will make them stand out.

What better occasion to dress your pup with the cutest outfit? It is possible to dress your dog for this big day with a particular dress code: ties and bow ties are accessories which can be fixed very easily and on which we can hang the wedding rings;

In hot weather, however, full suits and costumes should be avoided in order to keep your dog as comfy as possible.

6. Keep your pup busy & entertained

The last thing you want to be doing the day of your wedding is to constantly be checking that your bestie is not putting themselves in any trouble.

Plan in advance to hire a dogsitter that will be able to keep them entertained and can keep an eye on your companion while you have the time of your life.

If you think that a wedding would be too much stress for your bestie and they would be better off without the celebrations, check out our boarding services here or give us a call here to check if we have availability on your big day! We can’t wait to welcome you and your pup!