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leash training a dog

How to leash train your puppy

Are the long, relaxing strolls in the park with your pup, actually turning out to be more like short, stressful and, frankly, wrist wrenching walks? 

If your pup is always pulling away, barking — it only means they have yet to master the skill of walking on a leash.

How to prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby in the family

It can be difficult for our furry friends to adapt to the lack of attention, change in routine, and lifestyle that a newborn baby can bring into the household. Fortunately, there are some ways to prepare your pup for this upcoming change in their lives…

If you take some time to implement these changes around your house and in your habits, it will not only help your dog feel prepared to welcome the new family member with ease and joy – it will also allow you more space to enjoy the newborn stage with your bundle of joy.