What to do with my dog when I go back to work

Tips for choosing the right dog boarding facility for your dog

Have you suffered from feelings of ‘pet parent guilt when you’re away enjoying a well-deserved, annual vacation?

Pet parent guilt is commonly described as a feeling of sadness or pain around leaving your dog for various reasons – like going to spend a vacation with your friends, family or partner – and it usually results in less time being enjoyed and more time worrying about the wellbeing of your pup in your absence.

But what if you could enjoy your vacation time more, knowing that your pet was also getting a little ‘vacation’ too? Sounds a little too good to be true?

It’s not! This is one of the many reasons dog boarding facilities exist.

But, we get it. Dog boarding facilities have a lot of responsibility and it’s important for you to pick the best one for your pet to ensure that you both enjoy your vacation.

Here’s how to choose the right dog boarding facility for your dog:

Step 1: Plan in advance and take some time out to go visit the facility – with your pup. This gives you the opportunity to ask the staff any questions you may have and to get your dog accustomed to the environment beforehand. (Chances are, your dog won’t hesitate to let you know whether he likes it there or not.)

Step 2: Find out about the services offered. Make sure you book your pup in to get any special treatment and services while you’re away so that you can rest assured knowing that he is being pampered, taken care of and having the time of his life – just like you!

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with any of the health requirements for your dog (like vaccines) to make sure you’re prepared for your departure. You should also ensure that you provide any important health and emergency contact information needed from you before you leave.

At Companion Pet Lodge, we care about YOU and your wellbeing just as much as your pets. More vacation, with none of the pet parent guilt.

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