4th of July

What foods you can and can’t feed your dog this 4th of July

Holidays bring an abundance of food, which tends to be on lower tables and more easily accessible to dogs. For the 4th of July, we are here to help you navigate what picnic foods your dog can eat, and which they should avoid.

Veterinarian Kate Schottman explains the foods your dog CAN eat and which foods they can’t. 

You’re probably setting up a delicious fruit platter to serve to your guests to enjoy. Your pup anxiously, and eagerly, waits by your side to see what treats you’ll pass to them. So what treats can you give your pup? 

Fruits that are nutrient rich for humans provide the same benefits for dogs. Some of the fruits they can enjoy are: 






Apples (minus the seeds)


In addition, vegetables that your dog can gladly have are: 


sweet potato, 




A big tip from the vet  is to cook and puree the fruits to help your pup digest the fruit easier. 

Fruits and vegetables that are not beneficial to your pup and can cause a lot of damage are: 

Raisins and grapes, cherries, avocado, any fruit with pits or stones, and large pieces of fruit or corn on the cob. Always make sure to cut up any fruit and remove the seeds or pit. Your pup doesn’t know how to cough those up, and will attempt to swallow it. If they succeed, it can cause them gastrointestinal obstruction. 

Be sure to always make sure that the trash and scraps from your meals are out of your dog’s reach. 

Let us know what kinds of nutritious and delicious holiday food you’ll be feeding your pup! 

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