Basic dog commands your dog should know

It’s so exciting bringing home a new fur baby and having a new addition to the family.  


With a new fur baby in the house, you’ll need to teach them the basic commands to make their arrival as smooth and easy as possible on them, and on your family. 


We suggest teaching your pup these four basic commands to help them transition smoothly into their new environment with their new family:” 


Sit- The sit command is usually the first command people teach their dogs. It seems pretty basic, but it can play an important role in managing unwanted behaviors. To teach your dog to “sit”, hold a treat in your fist and put it above your dog’s head. Slowly move it behind their head and when they crouch, say “sit” and reward them with the treat. 


Stay- For their safety and the safety of others, “stay” needs to be taught at an early age. When your dog is in a natural sitting position, open the palm of your hand facing your dog then give the ‘stay’ command. Continue the exercise by gradually moving further away from your dog, then say the ‘stay’ command. Give your dog a treat or praise when they do a great job”


Come- Start by putting a collar and leash on your dog. With a certain distance away from your dog, gently pull the dog’s leash towards you then say ‘come’. As your dog manages to move towards you, make sure to give them a treat, praise, or affection. 


Down- This move may be a little trickier than the others, but it helps tremendously when your dog is too excited or wound up. To start, hold a strong-smelling treat in front of your pup and allow them to smell it. Once they do, bring the treat to the floor and eventually your dog will follow. When their belly is on the floor say “down” and reward them with the treat. 


While these basic commands take time and patience to train your fur baby, we promise it’s worth it for both of you. 


If you and your family are having a bit of a hard time with teaching your dog basic commands and you need an extra hand with training, or need some space away from your bestie — this is why doggy daycare and dog boarding facilities exist. We’re happy to help!”


At Companion Pet Lodge, we’ve made it our mission to provide your furry friend with the best care and attention whenever you need the extra support. Head to this link to find out about our doggy daycare and dog boarding services.