How to prepare your dog for the arrival of a baby in the family

It can be difficult for our furry friends to adapt to the lack of attention, change in routine, and lifestyle that a newborn baby can bring into the household.

Fortunately, there are some ways to prepare your pup for this upcoming change in their lives…

If you take some time to implement these changes around your house and in your habits, it will not only help your dog feel prepared to welcome the new family member with ease and joy – it will also allow you more space to enjoy the newborn stage with your bundle of joy.

Here is a to-do list that will help you and your dog feel less overwhelmed and more prepared to welcome the new family member:

Step 1: Introduce your dog to all the baby’s new belongings (toys, furniture, diaper bag) that will be around the house, so they have time to learn and get used to the smell and sight well in advance of the baby’s arrival.

Step 2: Our dog’s sense of hearing is much more sensitized than ours! Prepare him for the sound of the baby crying gradually so they won’t be overly-alert once the baby will actually be here.

Step 3: Prepare your dog for a change in their routine by going for shorter walks, being left alone for longer periods of time (or enrolling them in doggy daycare), and not having access to certain rooms in your home.

Step 4: Give your pup extra attention when they’re calm and relaxed, not when they’re irritated and seeking it. This way they can learn that sometimes, you will be too busy to cater to them right away!

The most important thing to remember is: Change can be hard on anyone, even our dogs! But don’t worry too much – they’re just as much excited as you are to meet and protect their new family member.

If you and your family are expecting, or just welcomed a new baby into your family, and feel like you need some space away from your bestie — this is why doggy daycare and dog boarding facilities exist!

At Companion Pet Lodge, we’ve made it our mission to provide your furry friend with the best care and attention whenever you need the extra support. Head to this link to find out about our doggy daycare and dog boarding services.