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How to keep your dog active in the winter season

Are you wondering, like every year, how you are going to keep your dog busy and happy during the coming cold season?

Like humans, dogs tend to be more prone to relaxing indoors and less activity as it gets colder outside. It’s also absolutely common for their owners to run out of ideas to keep them entertained after the first few days staying inside the house. 

However, it is really important for a dog to be stimulated and exercised no matter the weather or the season. A happy dog is a tired dog! 

Because we know your dogs health is important to you, we’ve compiled a list of safe (and fun) activities to do with your puppy as we enter the colder season:

  1. Take your dog out for short walks and exercises. It will help them stay agile and in shape! If you start noticing your pup shaking or shivering, that means that they’re starting to get cold and it’s better to end the walk.
  2. If the weather is too cold outside, research some indoor parks or doggy daycares nearby where you live. It will allow your dog to burn calories and socialize in a cozy, safe, and warm environment while you can catch-up on your errands and activities. 
  3. Take advantage of all the time you have to spend indoors to teach your dog some new tricks that they’ll be able to show off once they go meet other pups later on. Mental exercising is a major aspect of a dog education that owners can use to strengthen the bond they have with their companions. Some tricks we recommend you practise with your furry friend include high-5, crawling, spinning, jumping, etc…
  4. Days stuck inside with your dog are great opportunities to take extra good care of them. If your dog likes physical contact, a cold day is a good occasion to massage them, brush their fur, and spend some quality time with them. 

If your personal/professional schedule doesn’t allow you to always be available for your best friend – we understand. This is one of the many reasons we have created Companion Pet Lodge. So you can be reassured that your dog isn’t bored at home and is in the best hands while you go through your day.

Head to this link to find out the indoor activities we offer to our companions during the winter season (including spa, boarding, daycare, and training).